Savannah Italian Restaurant Menus

Savannah Italian Restaurants Italian can mean very different dishes depending on the region on which the chef chooses to prepare his/her meals. Traditional Italian has a greater likelihood of focusing on seafood rather than meats or pastas. Tuscany is well known for some of the world’s greatest olives and olive oils. It is also well known for its meats. Marche is know for seafood, cheese, truffles, mushrooms and much more. I could go from region to region, town to town, but we know you’re here to see the menus!

Many of our Savannah Italian Restaurant menus have brief descriptions of each dish. If not, feel free to contact the restaurant and inquire as to how the dish is prepared or perhaps the style in which the chef prepares his/her dishes.

Downtown Savannah,
W. St. Julian & Barnard
Downtown Savannah,
MLK & W. Congress Lane
Downtown Savannah,
W. Congress & Jefferson
Downtown Savannah,
E. Broughton & Bull
Airport Area,
Woodlawn Terrace (Hwy 80) & Griffin Ave.
Downtown Savannah,
W. St. Julian & Jefferson
Downtown Savannah,
E. River & Abercorn Ramp