Seattle Restaurant Menus

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Breakfast, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
Olive Way and 4th Ave.
American, Breakfast, Contemporary
1st Ave. and Union St.
4th Ave. and Virginia St.
Breakfast, Seafood
Pike St. and 1st Ave.
6th Ave. and Westlake Ave.
Asian, Sushi
5th Ave. and Seneca St.
American, Breakfast, Healthy
1st Ave. and Madison St.
Fine Dining, Seafood, Steak House
4th Ave. and University Ave.
A Little of Everything, American, Desserts
Pike St. and 7th Ave.
American, Fine Dining
Virginia St. and 4th Ave.
American, Breakfast
Pike St. and 7th St.
Asian, Contemporary
Pine St. and 7th Ave.
American, Breakfast, Contemporary
4th Ave. and Spring St.
Banquet Room Available, Seafood, Steak House
Wall St. and 1st Ave.
Virginia St. and 7th Ave.
American, Banquet Room Available
Pike St. and 6th Ave.
6th Ave. and Pine St.
Breakfast, Catering, Salads, Sandwiches, Soups
Union St. and 3rd Ave.
Breakfast, Delicatessens, Sandwiches
Pike St. and 1st Ave.
5th Ave. and Stewart St.
Pine St. and 6th Ave.
Brazilian, Steak House
Seneca St. and First Ave.
American, Breakfast
1st Ave. and Connecticut St.
American, Breakfast, Contemporary
3rd Ave. and Cherry St.
Fine Dining, Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
Virginia St. and 4th Ave.
Breakfast, Catering, Mexican
1st. Ave. and Pike Place
American, Breakfast
Pike Pl. and Pike St.
Pike St. and Pike Pl.
Steak House
2nd Ave. and Columbia St.
Catering, Mexican
Pine St. & 6th Ave.
American, Fine Dining, Seafood, Steak House
6th Ave. and Pike St.
Breakfast, Coffee House, Kid-Friendly, Sandwiches, Smoothies
Marion St. and 8th Ave.
7th Ave. and Olive Way
Breakfast, Catering, Healthy, Vegetarian
7th Ave. and Union St.
Asian, Chinese
4th Ave. and Pine St.
American, Contemporary
Virigina St. and 5th Ave.
5th Ave. and Union St.
Salads, Sandwiches, Seafood
Pike Place and Post Alley
American, Tapas
Seneca St. and 4th Ave.
Asian, Breakfast, Fusion, Japanese, Sushi
6th Ave. and Stewart St.
American, Fine Dining, French
Fourth and Pike
American, Brewhouse & Pubs
University St. and 5th Ave.
Breakfast, Steak House
7th Ave. and Pine St.
American, Breakfast, Southern
Spring St. and 4th Ave.
Catering, Japanese, Sushi
2nd Ave. and Battery St.
American, Seafood
4th Ave. and University St.
Breakfast, European, Sandwiches, Soups
Pike St. and Post Alley
American, Bakeries, Breakfast, Catering, Sandwiches
Union St. and 5th Ave.
Boren Ave. and Pike St.
Catering, Seafood, Steak House, Sushi
Pike St. and 6th Ave.
American, Contemporary, Healthy
University St. and 1st Ave.
Breakfast, Catering, Delicatessens, Sandwiches
2nd Ave. and Yesler Way
Asian, Thai
Pine St. and 6th Ave.
Pike St. and 5th Ave.
American, Breakfast, French
University St. and 4th Ave.
Union St. and 1st Ave.
Breakfast, Italian
Spring St. and 5th Ave.
Union St. and Western Ave.
Japanese, Seafood, Sushi
Blanchard St. and 1st Ave.
Banquet Room Available, Bistros, Burgers, Kid-Friendly, Pasta, Pizza, Seafood
University St. and 1st. Ave.
Asian, Chinese
Pike St. and 3rd Ave.