It's all about web presence!

According to Google, more than 97% of all Americans use the internet to search for many things including restaurants. Whether you do or not, this statistic is key to the success of your restaurant and must be a priority in your marketing strategies. You need to be present wherever and whenever people are looking for restaurants online. Newspapers, magazines, phone books and other print may have done well for your in the past but today you have to do more. You not only have to have a web site, you need a web presence. That means you need to be in multiple places on the web.

Sometimes this isn't easy to figure out. First, any free directories like Google, Yahoo, etc. Make sure it's updated and you have control over the listings. Secondly, choose information directories that focus on your core business - restaurants. The challenge here is that on many directories, they allow users to update information, provide ratings, reviews and comments that can be detrimental to your business. For example, on search engine only requires a few users feedback to close a business. Competitors, disgruntled employees and even more horrific, dissatisfied customers can put you out of business. We've even see restaurants listed as closed when they are truly open. Make sure the directories your appear has your reputation in mind.