The Short Story

People are searching for a restaurant right now! It could be your restaurant or just ANY restaurant. MenuSearch.Net is their one-stop directory.

Put your menu in THE CUSTOMER'S hands 24/7, 365 days per year!!

NO WEB SITE?? - We can give you your own unique web address in under 24 hours!

The Longer Story

When visitors or locals go online to find a restaurant, they rarely know the name of the restaurant they want to dine. Let's say you just moved to Bismarck, North Dakota. Can you tell me the name of the rib joint on the corner of 5th and Main? It's the exact same situation when people move or visit your home city or town!

MenuSearch: "The Affordable Solution"?

When we designed MenuSearch, we asked many restaurant owners all the tough questions about advertising. The biggest objection was price. The second biggest objection was Return on Investment (ROI). With that in mind, we came up with an annual price that any size restaurant can afford. As for ROI, all we need to do is drive 5-10 new customers to you each year, and you've broken even!

What we do:

We are in the business of promoting restaurants. We do this by marketing our restaurant menu directory both online and with local-level marketing.

We also do Search Engine Optimization (keywords: Las Vegas Restaurant Menus, Tampa Restaurant Menus, etc.) and Search Engine Marketing (sponsored ads).

We foster partnerships and marketing distribution points with convention centers, theatres, apartment complexes, etc. For example, in Las Vegas, we have a transportation company distributing flyers to 150-250K visitors and locals every two months. In Tampa, we have flyer displays in the Tampa Convention Center and Tampa Theatre.

We make all changes to your listing, including scanning or uploading your menu(s), uploading photos of your restaurant, and setting up a link to your Web site.

We offer a price guarantee: If you renew with us within the year's agreement, the same price is guaranteed upon renewal. EVERY YEAR!

What we don't do:

We do NOT review your restaurant.

We do NOT rate your restaurant.

We absolutely do NOT allow users (or your competitors) to post information about your restaurant.

ALL SOLUTIONS ARE LESS THAN $1/DAY! Call today for pricing!!

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