Why MenuSearch.Net

When people shop for airfare they go to a single source like Travelocity. When people shop for a restaurant, they go to MenuSearch.Net. People often say to us "We have a website." but the reality is when visitors or locals go online to find a restaurant, they rarely know the name of the restaurant they want to dine. Let's say you just moved to Bismarck, North Dakota. Can you tell me the name of the rib joint on the corner of 5th and Main? It's the exact same situation when people move or visit your home city or town! How do they know YOUR name?

When we designed, we asked two focus groups of 12 (users) to answer questions for us and we also observed their behaviors while they surfed the web for restaurants in another city. The initial search was for [city] and restaurants but they considered their results to be daunting. They had to go from one website, back to the results, to another website and so on. Soon they narrowed their searches to the most important thing (to them): the menu. The search became [city] and restaurant menus and they focused on directories rather than individual restaurant websites. That is what we focus on and how we optimize our directory. Not only do we continuously work to stay on page one of these searches, we also do traditional local level marketing. For instance, we distribute MenuSearch.Net cards to the apartment complexes for new residents, tent cards in hotels and motels, local businesses, etc. This way when one of the 1,000's people that dine out each month, they'll know how to find you!

We also asked many restaurant owners all the tough questions about advertising. The biggest objection was price. The second biggest objection was Return on Investment (ROI). With that in mind, we came up with an annual price that any size restaurant can afford. As for ROI, the average restaurant menu is viewed over 1,000 times in one year. Currently, our leading restaurant this year is China A GO GO in Las Vegas with over 16,000 menu views between January 1 and August 17, 2011. **These results are NOT typical but if you can get your menu in front of 1,000-10,000 in a year, you'll make your money back and put the rest in your register! Lastly, when we bring you 5-10 new customers, you've already broken even!

There are 10's of thousands of searches for Las Vegas Restaurant Menus, Tampa Restaurant Menus, etc. on Yahoo, Google..... alone EVERY MONTH! We push to get MenuSearch.Net in front of everyone of those eyes. We have over 1 million unique visitors each year and many of our restaurant clients get 1,000's of menu views each year. As you can see, exposure is good and growing. As our traffic grows, your menu views will as well and your ROI becomes so great, you'll tell your friends about it.

Compare this with other forms of advertising: Newspapers and Magazines - Lets say you advertise in the local publications at a cost of $400-600 per day for a 2"x2" display ad. How many of the readers have specifically purchased that paper or magazine to find a restaurant? How many are looking specifically for the type of restaurant you run? I think it would be safe to say that you may pick up one customer per week (and that is being generous). That means each new or returning customer just cost you $400-600. As for Radio, TV, Billboards, the cost goes up exponentially and the response rate is not much better. MenuSearch.Net is the most niche marketing you can do. Newspaper, magazines, radio and other forms of advertising cannot deliver this specific set of "eyes." Consider this: when users look at your restaurant, they're looking with the intent to buy. Can you say that about any other ad?